Gold memberships

Gold Member Pricing includes

  • Member Greens Fees
  • Single Rider Cart Fees
  • Warm-up Bucket per Round
  • 10% Pro-Shop Discount
  • Four (4) Guest Passes for Greens Fees
  • Member Appreciation Event


Non-Resident $3,230
Non-Resident 5 Day $2,550
Non-Resident Senior $2,760
Non-Resident Senior 5 Day $2,240

Partner Resident*

Partner Resident $2,770
Partner Resident 5 Day $2,260
Partner Resident Senior $2,460
Partner Resident Senior 5 Day $2,010


Resident $2,310
Resident 5 Day $1,970
Resident Senior $2,160
Resident Senior 5 Day $1,790

Additional Add-Ons*

Family Member (must reside in household)

25% discount
* Applies to regular Member and Gold Member pricing. Resident memberships are offered to all residents that show proof of living within the Joliet Park District boundaries. Partner Resident memberships are offered to all City of Joliet and Village of Shorewood residents who are not residents of the Joliet Park District. All 5 Day memberships are valid Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. Must be 60 & over for Senior memberships; 17 & under for Junior memberships.

Questions? Contact Inwood Golf Club at 815-741-7265, Wedgewood Golf Club at 815-741-7270, or Woodruff Golf Club at 815-741-7272.